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WO-2012148961-A2: Hydraulic piston pump with reduced restriction barrel passage patent, WO-2012154463-A3: Method,apparatus,and computer-readable storage medium for controlling torque load of multiple variable displacement hydraulic pumps patent, WO-2012167248-A3: Simplified roots-type blower patent, WO-2012177446-A2: Automatic synchronization of most recently used document lists patent, WO-2012178040-A1: Client-based data replication patent, WO-2013009400-A1: Design and apparatus of a magnetic resonance multiphase flow meter patent, WO-2013019297-A1: Fluidic components, systems, and methods for use in ophthalmic surgeries patent, WO-2013019962-A3: Pari-mutuel wagering system and method patent, WO-2013033734-A1: Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer Expressing ILT3 or ILT3 Ligand patent, WO-2013043252-A1: Lightweight eyepiece for head mounted display patent, WO-2013059650-A1: Hydrophobically modified low molecular weight chitosan and methods of use patent, WO-2013066243-A1: Means for selective mounting of an illuminated or a translucent object patent, WO-2013070188-A1: Redundant key frame transmission patent, WO-2013071280-A2: Determination for effective defibrillation patent, WO-2013089739-A1: Secure debug trace messages for production authenticated code modules patent, WO-2013134862-A1: Retention index standards for liquid chromatography patent, WO-2013153490-A3: Fault detection, localization and performance monitoring of photosensors for lighting controls patent, WO-2013162364-A1: Device for accommodating objects and transportation means comprising such a device patent, WO-2013175508-A2: Stable pharmaceutical composition of aripiprazole patent, WO-2013177420-A2: Methods and compositions for the treatment of bcr-abl positive lymphoblastic leukemias patent, WO-2014003881-A1: Frozen food dispensing machine and method of operation patent, WO-2014025321-A1: Vehicle odometer readout method, system and device patent, WO-2014025707-A2: Radiation detector patent, WO-2014051989-A1: Sensor systems for measuring an interface level in a multi-phase fluid composition patent, WO-2014059076-A1: Role based router functionality patent, WO-2014066538-A1: Structural weak spot analysis patent, WO-2014074664-A1: Method and apparatus for producing waves suitable for surfing using staggered wave generators extended along a curved stagger line patent, WO-2014096839-A1: An aerofoil structure with collapsible tip portion patent, WO-2014100063-A1: Medical radiographic grating based differential phase contrast imaging patent, WO-2014100242-A1: Non-isocyanate sealant for electrical cable joining patent, WO-2014100363-A3: Annular blowout preventer and lower marine riser package connector unit patent, WO-2014102695-A2: Process for producing polyoxymethylene polymers with long-chain alkyl end groups, and polymers made therefrom patent, WO-2014104879-A1: A tapping device and a coupling patent, WO-2014107731-A1: Therapeutic vaccines for treating herpes simplex virus type 2 infections patent, WO-2014121047-A1: Devices and methods for crimping and loading a collapsible device into a delivery system patent, WO-2014130160-A1: Transapical passive articulation delivery system design patent, WO-2014139118-A1: Adaptive facial expression calibration patent, WO-2014152558-A2: Flavor system and method for making beverages patent, WO-2014158343-A1: Siloxane surfactant additivesf for oil and gas applications patent, WO-2014189865-A1: Cushioning shoe insert patent, WO-2014202612-A2: Energy absorber patent, WO-2015012892-A3: Persistent instrument configured to remind a user that a practice session is scheduled patent, WO-2015030534-A1: Golf practice system for providing golf lesson information and information processing method for providing golf lesson information using the same patent, WO-2015059151-A1: Aircraft tire having a rolling thread that includes an elastomer silicone composition patent, WO-2015061012-A1: Anti-snaking swellable water-stops patent, WO-2015073672-A2: Transformation of peroxyacetal intermediate patent, WO-2015073949-A1: Method of subtyping high-grade bladder cancer and uses thereof patent, WO-2015084484-A1: Fair costing for dynamic data sharing in a cloud data market patent, WO-2015088708-A3: Flexible micromachined transducer device and method for fabricating same patent, WO-2015099847-A1: Analog process variable transmitter with electronic calibration patent, WO-2015114150-A1: Chimeric protein composed of ngf antagonist domain and a tnfa antagonist domain patent, WO-2015121784-A1: Method for detection of anti-rituximab antibodies patent, WO-2015134888-A1: Single incision specimen retrieval assembly, method of use, and kit patent, WO-2015140334-A1: Machine tool, in particular for drilling patent, WO-2015153338-A1: Methods and apparatus for glass batch processing using dual source cyclonic plasma reactor patent, WO-2015158237-A1: Polypeptides with lipase activity and polynucleotides encoding same patent, WO-2015175791-A1: Method for making 1,1,3,3-tetrachloropropene patent, WO-2015195690-A1: System and method incorporating solid buffer patent, WO-2016004188-A1: Realtime processing of streaming data patent, WO-2016045898-A1: Evaluation of static brake torque in a robot patent, WO-2016050725-A1: Method and apparatus for speech enhancement based on source separation patent, WO-2016056209-A1: Method for signalling time and frequency resources allocation in wireless communication system patent, WO-2016061414-A1: Undercut clip anchor system for cladding of materials patent, WO-2016080869-A1: Core drill with detachable end portion patent, WO-2016102760-A1: Causation of display of supplemental map information patent, WO-2016119815-A1: Cutting link for a saw chain of a chain saw, saw chain for a chain saw and chain saw patent, WO-2016139061-A1: Reception of datagrams of a coherent flow patent, WO-2016161637-A1: Method, apparatus and system of providing communication coverage to an unmanned aerial vehicle patent, WO-2016164728-A1: Advanced data cell resource mapping patent, WO-2016176601-A1: Massively-scalable, asynchronous backend cloud computing architecture patent, WO-2016183201-A1: Solar energy collection systems utilizing holographic optical elements useful for building integrated photovoltaics patent, WO-2017053512-A1: Traveling ocean bottom seismic survey patent, WO-2017054139-A1: Methods for processing return entities associated with multiple requests in single interrupt service routine thread and apparatuses using the same patent, WO-2017065761-A1: Child seat monitoring & warning system patent, WO-2017066329-A1: Method and appartus for researving zero-wait time agent interactions patent, WO-2017066577-A1: Automatically setting a clock of a network-connected apparatus patent, WO-2017100251-A1: Target detection using barcode conjugates and nucleic acid nanoarrays patent, WO-2017121166-A1: Apparatus and method for pixel data reodering patent, WO-2017123721-A1: Stabilization of petroleum surfactants for enhancing oil recovery patent, WO-2017174810-A1: Modified bacteriophage patent, WO-2017177364-A1: Method and apparatus for communication over network slices in wireless communication systems patent, WO-2017185416-A1: Systems, methods and devices for a multistage sequential data process patent, WO-2017210502-A1: Methods and apparatus for predicting depression treatment outcomes patent, WO-8300606-A1: Heat treatment apparatus for heating human hair on the head patent, WO-8300767-A1: Two-layer coated magnetic recording medium patent, WO-8603335-A1: Method for manufacturing trench gate mos structures in ics and accordingly fabricated devices patent, WO-8707852-A1: Process for producing an active carbon catalyst patent, WO-8800698-A1: Method and apparatus for producing tomographic images patent, WO-8808631-A1: Rapidly switchable line selector for pulsed lasers patent, WO-8909746-A1: Calcium hypochlorite composition patent, WO-9004201-A1: Camera apparatus for magnetically recording on film patent, WO-9012672-A1: Wire electrode supplying apparatus for wire electric discharge machines patent, WO-9103950-A1: Method for preparing filetted, washed and refined fish flesh, generally known as surimi, and products obtained patent, WO-9104021-A1: Medicaments for the treatment of toxoplasmosis patent, WO-9109746-A1: Device for warning of tire internal pressure patent, WO-9114409-A1: Penile prosthesis patent, WO-9119349-A1: High-frequency amplifier unit with a hot standby redundancy patent, WO-9203479-A1: Replication initiator protein complex and methods of use thereof patent, WO-9206198-A1: Salmonella polynucleotide sequence patent, WO-9211627-A3: Speech coding patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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